A Daddy’s Message to His 16 Year old Daughter

My daughter is turning 16!!!!  Where did the years go?  In the world of high fashion, criticism, dieting, and pornography driven self-value… I want her to see herself through the lens of God not western society.

The exercise is to take her to a beautiful place… warm her up with an all-day experience where she knows you are captivated… totally attentive… and completely hers. Every girl longs to be lovely in the eyes of her daddy. If she doesn’t continually get this from you dad… she’ll try to get it from somewhere else… a fraudulent place with many times malicious purpose. Look her in her eyes and with a the strength of all your masculinity speak these life giving words into her (it helps if you not only memorize them but say them with conviction and emotion – you know… there’s a big difference from an actor who simply memorizes their lines verses one who makes you feel like you are right there in the movie with them).

You are Beautiful!

You are Smart!

You are Funny!

You are Kind!

You are Unique!

You are beyond Worthy!

You are deserving of Love!

You are deserving of Affection!

You are Never too much!


You are Precious!

You are better than Diamonds, Roses, Pearls, and Unlimited Treasures!

You are Valued beyond Time – Worth complete presence in this moment and Worthy of a lifetime of Attention.

You are Captivating!

You are Radiant!

You are Powerful!

You are Capable!

You are worthy when you feel strong and worthy when you feel weak!

You are the most Stunning of All God’s Creation!

You are Worth More than you could ever Imagine!

You are Worth More than the Numbers on a Scale! More than Make-Up and Hair Product! More than the finest clothing and shoes! You are Naturally Stunning when you Wake Up and Naturally Beautiful Just the Way You Are!

Your Worth surpasses ALL Earthly Things!

You are Worth LIVING FOR!

You are Worth Dying For!

Regardless of how you feel, what mood you are in, or who you think you are, whether your life is going great, or your life is falling apart, whether you win or lose… Regardless of who you think you are, you Deserve only the best!

You Deserve to be set Free!

You Deserve to be Wild!

You Deserve to be Yourself… Just the way God has created you… Just the way you need to Be!

You Deserve to be True to Yourself and True to God!

You are worth Fighting For!

You are worth VICTORY… No matter the Cost! No matter the Time! No matter the Effort!

You are a Daughter of the LIVING GOD!

You are Cherished, Loved and Adored ABOVE ALL Things by the Creator of ALL Things for the Glory of Him who is Greater than ALL Things!

You are AMAZING, You are truly AWESOME!

And Please my Love… Don’t you Ever… No matter What… No matter Who… Don’t you EVER Forget IT!

Now you know… You can create this experience for any woman in your life. Your wife, your sister, your mother … You can lead your best friend to do this for his own wife and daughter.

Go and be strong. Lead with courage. And love the women in your life fiercely.