The Blueprint of Leadership

What are the qualities that make up a leader? After more than three decades of working with the top leaders on the planet, Keith has uncovered 4 qualities of extraordinary leaders…

LEADERSHIP QUALITY #1 – Decisiveness:
Decision making is the force that shapes destiny. Your power as a leader comes from your ability to be decisive – and having the guts to make tough decisions. While many people waste precious time over making the ‘right’ decision, as a leader you must be willing to draw a line in the sand and make decisions no one else is willing to make. When you do, you can positively shape your life and lives of people around you.

LEADERSHIP QUALITY #2 – Resourcefulness:
When people fail to achieve, they often say they are missing resources like time, money, people and so on. Yet, the top leaders in the world know resources are never the problem; the real problem is a lack of resourcefulness. You can always get the resources you need as a leader if you’re resourceful enough – and the truth is this: The ultimate resource is resourcefulness.

LEADERSHIP QUALITY #3 – They Serve a Higher Purpose than themselves:
The greatest leaders in history are purpose-driven; they serve something more than themselves. Motive does matter. If your motive as a leader is to simply get someone to do something for you, you may be able to strategize a way to do it – but it’s when you serve a greater good that you create a legacy of leadership that lasts beyond your lifetime.

Leaders are masters of influence; they know how to propel themselves and others to move forward in life. In order to influence people, they know what already influences them. They know who they are, what their ‘brand’ is, and who they are to others. As a result, they influence others to set a new standard for themselves that those people live by when they aren’t there. When you master the skill of influence as a leader, you control the ultimate force for giving, creating, sharing and contributing more.

Share your thoughts with us on social media: What qualities do you look for in a leader? Ultimately, you are the leader you’ve been waiting for – and what you look for in a leader are the same qualities you can master in your own life.