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Your physical body is an unbelievable gift! You can be fit and healthy, lively and strong NOW and still SURFING when you’re 90 and beyond.

Unfortunately, most of us take our bodies for granted. It is often not until something goes wrong that we recognize our physical well being as an essential, personal priority. Your body is the foundation of all passion, drive and energy. Don’t wait until your health has been compromised to start living more vitally and giving your body the care it deserves.


The Body You Deserve is one that will LAUNCH you into the Life you Want rather than one that will Hold you Back and Prevent you from achieving your dreams. Dr. Keith’s 90 Year Body Coaching System that can teach you the strategies and psychology you must master to achieve your healthiest body weight and create more vitality. This weight-loss and Fitness/Vitality system is not about a strict diet or finding a quick fix. It’s about reconditioning your mindset.

Weight loss and Fitness, like any achievable goal, comes back to beliefs. To make changes that last, you need to transform your behaviors and your mindset, at its core. You need a conditioning process that will change your behavior long-term.

Strategic Edge can help you make the shift in psychology you need to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

Why are some people able to lose weight and maintain their health, while others struggle to create any real change?

It comes down to making your personal breakthrough. When you can successfully create that inner shift, aligning your mental, emotional and physical states with your goals, you can change anything. This is the psychology to lasting health and fitness.

Having the body you have always wanted is no longer an idea, it’s a reality.

In The Path, you can learn how to break through your own emotional, mental and physical barriers to find your most personal, compelling goals for weight loss, health and happiness. Unlike the countless diet books and programs available, The Path focuses on your transformation — from start to finish — to initiate truly actionable strategies. Allow us to personally show you how he was able to help specific individuals achieve their personal weight loss goals.