Family Emergency

Like the television programs “Nanny 911”, “Supernanny”, and “Little Angels”, Strategic Edge’s Family Emergency Coach helps families whose lives have become unmanageable.

The typical symptom of a family emergency is out-of-control children.  Nothing can make you feel quite so hopeless as when your family is hurting.  Therefore, we help children and families of all ages! We will show you how to have the family life you’ve always heard was possible.

We help with:

  •     ADHD
  •     ADD
  •     temper tantrums
  •     destructive behavior
  •     isolation conduct disorder
  •     delinquency
  •     disrespect
  •     hoarding
  •     sibling rivalry
  •     stepfamily issues
  •     school issues

If you have a sincere desire for change, we guarantee success with any of these issues and more!We will also show you ways to better manage your time, improve your relationships and develop a real sense of happiness at home.

Our first day is spent solely observing the family dynamics in order to determine a suitable plan of action for changing the child’s behavior. Then, at the end of the day we will discuss what needs to be done. The remainder of our time will be spent actually implementing the plan that will change your life forever.