Risk Taking

DAVID AND GOLIATH – defeat the giants in your life

Everyone knows the Biblical story of David and Goliath – little guy beats the big bad bully. The funny thing is we usually get this story backwards. It was David that had all the advantages in this battle, not Goliath. The real lesson of David versus Goliath is how a perceived advantage can actually turn out to be a disadvantage in practice. This kind of situation crops up in life and in business much more often than you might realize.…

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The Blue Pill

I just talked to a new client (Jerry) yesterday who invested thousands of dollars in ebooks, courses and software over the past few months and he STILL doesn’t have a business that’s making him money. I had to explain to Jerry that it’s hard, if not nearly impossible, to put a system of making money together just by buying ebooks, software, and courses. Nearly everybody needs someone to show them EXACTLY what they need to do (and be there to…

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