DAVID AND GOLIATH – defeat the giants in your life

Everyone knows the Biblical story of David and Goliath – little guy beats the big bad bully. The funny thing is we usually get this story backwards. It was David that had all the advantages in this battle, not Goliath. The real lesson of David versus Goliath is how a perceived advantage can actually turn out to be a disadvantage in practice. This kind of situation crops up in life and in business much more often than you might realize.…

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TOP Elite Special Forces Military Groups of all time

TIME magizine recently published an article about the TOP Elite Special Forces Military Groups of all time. You can read this article at,28804,2069886_2069891_2069944,00.html #ixzz1MAvIUlk5. I found this article very interesting. Perhaps TIME is correct that these are the “greatest” elite teams ever. However, possibly to be politically correct, or simply because our modern culture has forgetten, TIME has left out the Most Elite of the Elite who have ever been. I believe the most elite ever was the God…

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The Soldier, The Sand Storm, and The Mine Field

Tim’s head was pressed hard against a burning hot rock wall. It was so hot the skin on his cheek was sizzling. Gasping for breath behind the shemagh which barely kept out the blasting sand, Tim cried to God: “Please, God… Please stop this storm”. Tim’s company of Marines had been called to gather reconnaissance at a remote location near Fallujah, Iraq when they discovered an outpost that housed enemy ammunition stores. As ordered, they blew up the ammo cash…

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