Business Results

Whether you run your own business, are an executive or a manager, you know that the business environment is more competitive than ever before. How do you make sure that you and your business are experiencing more highs than lows? How will you keep your edge?

Keith Waggoner will deliver the cutting-edge strategies you need to ensure your business will succeed. You owe it to yourself to learn how you WILL elevate your efficiency and master the skills to thrive (not just survive) in any economy. In our Business Coaching programs we will immerse you in groundbreaking content with acute depth and complexity that will transform your entire organization and catapult it to even greater success.

Harness revolutionary strategies to strengthen your business while discovering how to:

  • Optimize & Maximize your business for geometric growth: Learn how micro changes can create geometric results. During these deep-dive, interactive workshops, you will create an effective plan for optimizing your business and exploding your sales.
  • Fix your broken value chain: Every day, businesses are being robbed by inefficient processes that slow company growth and prevent them from delivering value to their clients. Keith will reveal how to avoid these common but fatal mistakes – and make the value chain work in your favor.
  • Take control of your financials: Accounting may seem like the least exciting aspect of your business. In truth, it’s the richest source of raw intelligence you need to consistently make the most effective moves and best decisions possible.
  • Dominate with innovation and next level marketing: Stand out in today’s crowded market using powerful strategies. Discover how to develop (or refine) products or services based on your customers’ feedback and engage more deeply with your clients.


Strategy Coaching and Mentoring

Strategic Edge Coaching is Dr. Keith Waggoner’s specialist firm that focuses on providing solutions to complex business and personal strategy challenges. We do so by using a variety of tools and processes including coaching, training and mentoring.

These proprietary tools and processes are designed to bring simplicity and clarity. Consistent with our problem-solving methodology, we choose to focus on substance and value rather than on complicated jargon and the latest buzzwords. We aim, as far as possible, to stretch your thinking, transfer our knowledge and empower you or your team.

We work with corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals and only take on assignments where we know we will be able to make a high impact.

Our Strategy Coaching Services Include:

Business Coaching
Strategic thinking partner
Hire a facilitator | facilitation
Grow your business
Contract strategy projects


Personal Strategy Coaching
Career strategy coaching
Starting your own business
Branding and marketing
Business mentoring


Team Coaching
Strategy mentoring & Training
Creativity and innovation
Strategic thinking


For Coaches
Practice development
Coaching tools
Advanced skills training
Career opportunities