About Keith

Hi! I’m Keith Waggoner.

I get results. I liberate people so they can believe, hope and love life again. I am a Life Smith, Results Ninja, and Business Strategist. I care for your heart and will kick your ASSpirations to the next level.

I am a coach, author, blogger, speaker, entrepreneur and relationship coach. I help you to forge your story in the epic novels of life. Some people say I’m crazy. Other people say I saved their life. And others that I’ve made them millions. I serve and lead billionaires and homeless, supermodels and the underprivileged, professional athletes and the emotionally disturbed. Read on and decide for yourself if I’m the coach for you.

More About Keith

Dr. Keith Waggoner has studied and developed patterns of success for more than 25 years. His custom coaching program will allow you to discover and implement change using the same tools and techniques that have enabled world statesmen, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and famous athletes to radically transform their lives!

Dr. Waggoner believes in excellence, self-empowerment and true happiness that comes from within. Adventure coaching and hypnotherapy are powerful tools used to effectively accelerate inner growth and genuine change. Dr. Waggoner is an expert in behavior dynamics and can facilitate change in any area of your life. Strategic Edge Life Coaching is the culmination of Keith’s education, skills, knowledge, and life experience. He truly desires to empower others to find joy and success in life!

Keith’s credentials include the following:

PhD in Psychology
D.Min. in Counseling
Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy
Results Coach with Anthony Robbins
Entrepreneur and Business Strategist
Executive, Sales and Team Trainer
Nationally Accredited Hypnotherapist
Adventure Quest Certified
Certified Ropes Course Facilitator
Black Belt in multiple Martial Arts
Experienced Fitness Trainer
Former Special Forces Tactical K-9 Officer

Call 501-268-4195 or complete the contact form below to create a custom package of services that will meet your every need. Keith also offers intense weekends and flexible travel options.

Dr. Keith and his crew welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and to deliver excellent service!