Do you suffer from Alexander the Great SYNDROME?

Why did Alexander the Great Weep? In my research this morning… I’ve been thinking about the standard answer to why he wept… because “There were no more worlds to conquer.” I’ve called this “Alexander the Great Syndrome.” Its the idea of the sorrow an over achiever feels when they believe they’re at the very pinnacle of their career and begin to lose a driving purpose in life. Upon further study, I think the real reason he wept was exactly the…

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How to DESTROY a First Date in 10 Moves or Less

                      “Dating is difficult…” Is a limiting belief that will create a story line leading to failure. Dating can be difficult… We get that. However, If you’re going to put yourself out there, you’ve got to develop the empowering story that you’re inevitably going to make a few mistakes… the other person will too… so you must change your focus from trying to impress or be overtly interesting to being…

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