Memorial Day: How to Create a “Hopeful Memory”

(Joshua 4:1-9; 1 Cor. 11:23-26) In the later years of his life, the great 19th century American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson suffered from an increasingly faulty memory. When things would slip his mind, he complained of his “naughty memory,” as he called it. Sometimes Emerson would forget the names of different objects. In order to speak of them, he would refer to them in a round-about way. For instance, when he could not think of the word “plow,” he would…

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10 Hows to Coach Negative, Difficult, Natural “Mismatching” People in Business and in Life

Are there people in your life who just wont agree with you no matter how sound your argument? Are there people in your life who just won’t agree with you—no matter how sound your argument? Do they focus on the validity of the smaller points rather than the big picture? Do you find yourself bogged down in the details rather than moving forward towards a solution? If so, you’ve got yourself a “Mismatcher.” As human beings, we tend to be…

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Happy 76th Birthday Dad!

 Happy 76th Birthday Dad!– May 03, 2018 It’s been 7 years and almost 6 months since my father died. It’s crazy how quickly time passes us by. I reflect on my father’s life and on the lessons he taught me; probably daily. I often think about things we talked about or things we disagreed about. Sometimes I wished, especially when I was a teen, that he was a different man with different ways. Now however, as I grow older I…

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