Good Men and Martial Arts

Good Men and Martial Arts – How to Get in Touch with Your Inner Warrior As a Psychologist, Theologian and Life & Business Coach for over 25 years, I’ve emphasized that the warrior spirit is “hard wired” for men. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors were warriors. As warriors they were required to defend themselves to survive. They had to defend their family and tribe. This was MUST in order to even just Survive. While most of us in the Western world no…

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BOXING – A Workout That Can FIRE UP Your LIFE!

“Boxing is the ultimate challenge,” Sugar Ray Leonard said. “There’s nothing that can compare to testing yourself the way you do every time you step in the ring.” The welterweight legend wasn’t just talking about throwing and taking punches. Boxing involves near constant movement. You have to be agile and precise and play a mental game of  action-reaction. A three-minute round can feel like the longest three hours of your life. “Boxing has changed my life… I’m a Champion in…

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