The Four Primary Questions for Masculine Initiation – Anything, Anywhere

It is the man Paul had become. After years of practice, years of training and years of consenting to initiation. No man has made a more provocative declaration. When we contemplate Paul’s story, we see that he’d been immersed in the Reality of God and His Kingdom through both personal Divine encounter and the ongoing process of deep suffering and even deeper joy. Put simply, over time, he had been completely transformed. So he penned a letter from prison to…

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12 Rules for Success

Do the work. Don’t be lazy. Stop waiting. It’s time. Rely on yourself. The universe doesn’t give a damn. Be practical. Success is not a theory. Be productive early. Don’t mess around all day. Don’t be a baby. Life is hard. Get on with it. Don’t hang out with dumbwits. Don’t waste energy on stuff you can’t control. Stop bullshitting. It’s embarrassing. Stop being a people pleaser. It’s sad. Stop putting toxic stuff in your body. It’s stupid. Stop doing…

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