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Life Smith

REAL PEOPLE, REAL RESULTS. Experience the power of results coaching – 30 minutes could change your life!

Results Ninja

We will slice – we will dice – we will build your business dreams into razor sharp results by hitting your ultimate goals like a ninja!

Plunder the Passion

True fulfillment can only be found in one thing: the emotional power of our personal relationships. Have you become complacent in your passion?

90-Year Surfing Plan

Your physical body is an unbelievable gift! You can be fit and healthy, lively and strong NOW and still SURFING when you’re 90 and beyond. Unfortunately, most of us take our bodies for granted.

The 8 Year Old FUN You

7 crazy questions that help you find your life purpose. Most of us have no clue what we want to do with our lives. Even after we finish school. Even after we get a job.


What you can learn when you believe God, more than just believe in Him.


20 questions that can change your life when you answer based on your true self mission.


The 14 habits of highly miserable people: how to succeed at self-sabotage.


A father’s heartfelt message to his daughter on her 16th birthday.


The Blueprint of Leadership: What are the 4 qualities that make an extraordinary leader?


6 lessons that will change your sales game and improve your results.

Kamal Cox

All Star MLB Outfielder, Philanthropist, and Advocate for Children’s Rights

Keith taught me how to play full out… To be a WILD LION on the field. The difference in my game is night and day. Call him if you want to be a champion.

Declan Hubbard

Former Executive Officer for Target who retired from the corporate world before the age of 40 and now lives his dreams as owner of The Sports Garden in Dallas, TX

I’ve been working with Keith for almost a year now, and I whole-heartedly recommend him as an executive coach. As a new entrepreneur and success-driven junkie, I wanted to maximize my effectiveness in pretty much every aspect of my life. Motivation was not the issue, clarity and focus was. READ MORE

Ela Martin, M.D.

Renowned Oncologist, TED Talks Lecturer, Author, Artist, Philanthropist, and Saver of Thousands of Lives.

As we go along in our busy life, it is so easy to forget the importance of things. I thought I was invincible until one day, as it happened to me, my life became helpless. I fell off of my life as depression took over my every waking hour. My family suffered because I was suffering. My focus was off of gratitude… it was gone and I lost my joy. READ MORE

Fiona and George Knott

Vice-President of Digital Arts, Educator, Board Member, Mother of Three | President of Digital Arts, Marketing Strategist, Bass Player, Fearless Leader

Marriage is two people who have chosen to walk together in life, hand in hand. At least that describes our marriage. Trouble comes when we let go of each others hands and become distracted. It is compounded when each partner begins to travel down another path and the holding of hands breaks. This was the state of our marriage when we began coaching with Dr. Keith Waggoner. READ MORE